Terms of Service

Submission: Requirements and/or responses may be submitted directly to eMERG or via the online forum. Further communication with concerned member/partner may be submitted by email/phone or relevant medium.

Payments: Payments for the member subscription fee may be made via credit card, bank transfer or cheque, and we will agree upon the most convenient payment method with the member for the subscription. All payments are in Indian rupees.

Taxes and Deductions: Cost of services do not include any national, state or local sales, use, value added, or other taxes. Member shall pay any such taxes, as applicable. Member bears sole responsibility for any withholding tax liabilities, and no deductions shall be made by the member from the amount payable under any eMERG invoice.

Service Delivery: eMERG ships no physical products or services. Any details necessary to enable member to download and/or use/access details where applicable will be delivered by eMERG to member via email to an email address provided by member. The member is responsible for providing eMERG with a valid email address for delivery purposes.

Security Policy: eMERG takes your security very seriously. We do not store credit card numbers or card security codes for the purpose of using this forum. eMERG does not ask for any percentage of amount of deal/transaction done nor is there any payment collected on the site or otherwise.

Support Policy: Unless otherwise indicated, eMERG does not provide support for third-party products. For eMERG-licensed offerings, such as Extension Packages, consult the individual product listing for support options. eMERG does not provide regular helpdesk support on Packages loaded into an existing implementation of the eMERG B2B platform. Please contact eMERG for more information.

Refund Policy: Unless otherwise indicated, all services on the eMERG B2B forum are given as is with no guarantees or warranty expressed or implied, and all connects made are at the discretion of the participating members.