FAQ: B2B Services

What are the benefits of enrolling for the B2B services?

Members who enroll for the B2B services -

- will have access to a search other member listings as well as potential requirements
- can avail or target services and/or products from prospective sellers or buyers respectively
- will feature in the member listings made available to organizations that source from women vendors
- can avail of various networking opportunities with key personnel/officers and diversity partner organizations as well as government bodies

How do I enroll for the B2B services?

- Only eMERG members can enroll for the B2B services
- Members need to pay Rs. 1200/- p.a.
- After payment and provision of relevant business information, a member can access the site for a period of 12 months from the date of payment

I am a member of eMERG since the last six months, can I enroll for the B2B services now?

- Yes, you can enroll for B2B services any time after you join eMERG
- The B2B services are effective from the day you enroll for a period of one year