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  • A B2B membership ensures that you have access to this medium where by you can avail of various features to enable you to interact with potential business leads and avail other services too. A few of the features are listed below -

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    • Post buy/sell requirements
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"eMERG has been influential in letting me reach out to more people than I had in my network earlier. I have benefited in more ways than just business."

Geethadevi, Founder Member, Gradus Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

"The B2B portal is a great enabler in connecting small businesses and women entrepreneurs in real time business growth. Credible collaborative partners, vendors and associates can be reached quickly. A delight to see so many positive breakthroughs in terms of knowledge sharing, business connectivity and robust cohesiveness amongst these small and medium size ventures. Kudos to eMERG for creating this platform and bringing this transformational change."

Kishor Jagirdar, Chairman & Managing Director, Infopace Management (P) Ltd

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